What Distance?

When I first began blogging, the purpose of my blog was to stay in touch with my parents who moved across the world to be missionaries to the poor in Romania.  They missed a lot of what was going on with our family over here in Canada, but the pictures and updates helped "shorten the distance" between us a little.

As I have given my blog more thought, I think about what's most important to me in my life - my relationship with Jesus - and what he has done for me.  Before he came and died on the cross & rose again, we were separated from God because of sin, every single one of us.  But when Jesus came, he bridged that gap between us and God - he shortened the distance between us and him, so that we can come to him just as we are, and be welcomed into his family.

What an amazing truth. 

Now God has asked us to "Go" and share this message with everyone. It's one of my biggest desires to do just that. I want to travel. I want to continue going on missions, I want to move overseas.  After having a small taste of Kenya, China, Mexico, and Romania, it's hard to stay put for too long.  But, no matter where I am, whether it's here at home, or across the world, God wants to use me right where I am.  

He very well may call our family overseas one day, but for right now I know he can use me here. I want to live intentionally and purposefully here in my home as a wife, mom and homemaker.

I hope that this blog will be an encouragement to you as well. May you and I not be afraid to listen to his voice, and then take some steps forward into how we can be used for his glory - right where we are. 

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