Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Doings...

It's hard to believe that summer is half over already! Our family is enjoying it to the full so far.  

School finished on a great note at the end of June and our family headed out that day for holidays! We took three days to drive across 3 provinces and met up with my extended family for a reunion at Fairmont Hot Springs, BC.

We loved the mountain air, mountain water and streams, and of course... the beautiful mountains!

(Celebrating Canada Day with flags and tattoos)

My amazing Grandparents celebrate 60 years of marriage this year, and all of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were able to make it for the celebration, including Mom and Dad all the way from Romania! Of course, family photos were a must...

(I love this one... Jeremiah WILL do his own thing) 

Back at home, we've had fun going to parks...

... going strawberry picking...

... and celebrating Jeremiah's 2nd birthday today! 

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma yesterday, as they headed back to their home in Romania. They have been in Canada for 3 months and I've been so grateful for their time here. We had a blast with you guys! 

So much more summer fun to come!

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