Thursday, September 12, 2013

September So Far

We had a wonderful summer, spending time with family, friends, going on family outings, and enjoying the fruits of our garden!

On the September long weekend we had a great little camp-out with Dawson's family at his parents' house. The children had never slept in a tent before, and Grandma was eager to spend that time with them. They had a blast!

Shortly before September, we started doing some really late sleep-training with Jeremiah. It really only took a few nights to get him to go to sleep on his own, and the first night in September he went to sleep without any tears. Phew!

The same week, there were two children added to the Kingdom of God - Emma and Isaac! They have such a wonderful story of how they understand the redemption story of Jesus, and how they came to make that decision to make him Lord of their lives. It was very exciting for us all!

Emma began Kindergarten on September 4th, and she couldn't be happier! She absolutely loves school and all that it entails. I haven't ever seen her so tired, though! She never used to nap, but on her off days she really needs that nap now.  She's having so much fun, and she looks adorable in her uniform :).

Love Jenni

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