Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cool Weather

I love fall.  I know that the first day of Autumn isn't coming until Sunday, but I just had to do my Autumn blog post today cause it feels so much like it!

It's my favourite time of year.  I always think of September as "the New Year", thanks to the new school year always starting then. I love school; new beginnings; setting goals; starting fresh. It's so exciting.

Then there's the colourful falling leaves, the autumn smells in the air, family outings to look at pumpkins, the tea and fuzzy socks and hoodies and warm blankets to warm up from the chili weather in the mornings and evenings.

One of the best parts of autumn is getting that urge to do something crafty again. I don't know what it is, but as spring turns to summer, my sewing machine gets a layer of dust from disuse, and my crocheting basket sits untouched. As soon as that cooler weather comes, something happens to me and I go searching for something to create!

So, my two goals for this fall/winter/spring is to finish two large projects that I started last year.  One is a crocheted afghan, and the other is a very simple quilt. I have never completed either an afghan or a quilt, so I suppose this is a little ambitious of me... but we'll give it a go! I'll do my best to update with some pictures once in a while to keep you updated!

What sort of crafty projects are you hoping to work on this fall?

Happy "Fall-ing"!

P.S. I know it probably doesn't feel like fall yet in Romania Mom, but hopefully it's cooling down at least a little bit for you! xoxo

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