Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cool Weather

I love fall.  I know that the first day of Autumn isn't coming until Sunday, but I just had to do my Autumn blog post today cause it feels so much like it!

It's my favourite time of year.  I always think of September as "the New Year", thanks to the new school year always starting then. I love school; new beginnings; setting goals; starting fresh. It's so exciting.

Then there's the colourful falling leaves, the autumn smells in the air, family outings to look at pumpkins, the tea and fuzzy socks and hoodies and warm blankets to warm up from the chili weather in the mornings and evenings.

One of the best parts of autumn is getting that urge to do something crafty again. I don't know what it is, but as spring turns to summer, my sewing machine gets a layer of dust from disuse, and my crocheting basket sits untouched. As soon as that cooler weather comes, something happens to me and I go searching for something to create!

So, my two goals for this fall/winter/spring is to finish two large projects that I started last year.  One is a crocheted afghan, and the other is a very simple quilt. I have never completed either an afghan or a quilt, so I suppose this is a little ambitious of me... but we'll give it a go! I'll do my best to update with some pictures once in a while to keep you updated!

What sort of crafty projects are you hoping to work on this fall?

Happy "Fall-ing"!

P.S. I know it probably doesn't feel like fall yet in Romania Mom, but hopefully it's cooling down at least a little bit for you! xoxo

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September So Far

We had a wonderful summer, spending time with family, friends, going on family outings, and enjoying the fruits of our garden!

On the September long weekend we had a great little camp-out with Dawson's family at his parents' house. The children had never slept in a tent before, and Grandma was eager to spend that time with them. They had a blast!

Shortly before September, we started doing some really late sleep-training with Jeremiah. It really only took a few nights to get him to go to sleep on his own, and the first night in September he went to sleep without any tears. Phew!

The same week, there were two children added to the Kingdom of God - Emma and Isaac! They have such a wonderful story of how they understand the redemption story of Jesus, and how they came to make that decision to make him Lord of their lives. It was very exciting for us all!

Emma began Kindergarten on September 4th, and she couldn't be happier! She absolutely loves school and all that it entails. I haven't ever seen her so tired, though! She never used to nap, but on her off days she really needs that nap now.  She's having so much fun, and she looks adorable in her uniform :).

Love Jenni

What Do You Do with the Tough Stuff?

It's not a secret that I'm passionate about social issues and justice for the oppressed. I often post or share articles on Facebook or on my blog about some of the sad, and even horrendous things going on in our world and our country... why do I, and others, post such things? They are hard to read. They disturb us. Sometimes they make us feel sick to our stomachs. Why spread those around for other people to see?

I do it on purpose. But believe me, I don't do it to make people feel depressed about our world. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I believe that he has overcome the world! We don't have to fear and feel defeated, because we aren't - we know how the "story of life" ends - with Christ's victory! I do however, want to become aware of what is going in the world. Jesus has asked us to move in his name, to DO something to help those in need.  If we aren't aware of what is going on, we often forget about what many people in world are dealing with right now. How are we supposed to reach out to the hurting if we don't know who the hurting people are? How can we stand up for righteousness and wage war with evil if we don't know the tactics of the enemy? Sometimes we need to get wake up calls and get pulled out of our comfort zones. 

So when I read an article like I described, how should I deal with it? What do I do? I can close my computer and walk away feeling sad, disgusted, angry. That won't help too much.  Or, I can take those feelings of anger, and pray about it. Wage some war in the spiritual realm. Pray that God will intervene in people's lives; that He will come to their rescue.  Sometimes we forget how much good our little prayers can do. And you know, if I really feel passionate about something I read, I can go take some action, or pray for someone who is already doing it.

It's hard to pray about something when you don't know anything about it. How do you treat a sick person without knowing how they are sick? If you can know a little more about someone's life, about what they are going through, about the lies behind it, you can pray much more specifically about a situation. And you can also act accordingly.

Of course, as with everything, there needs to be balance. I'm not going to read everything out there that I see that's awful and horrifying. I don't want to fill my mind and spirit with ungodliness.  As the Bible says, we want to be thinking of things that are true, noble, right, pure, excellent, praiseworthy. We should be filled with those things; filled with his word and his life; his goodness, his grace. And truthfully, there are some things that we might read or see that could make us stumble. We have to be careful. We just don't want to shut out the world and what is happening in it.

That's why I share the things I do. I'm not trying to make us all feel worse than we already sometimes feel, I'm trying to make people aware, help us not be ignorant to the things of the world that so desperately need our prayer and our help.