Saturday, August 3, 2013

Work Day at the Kroekers'

Last Saturday we had a family work day, where Dawson's whole family came over to help us out with some projects around our home.  We were so grateful for all their hard work!  A special thanks goes to Dawson's Mom who looked after the 4 children all day so we could work without a lot of little interruptions. 

Grandma got right to work!

Grandma took the cousins on a nice long walk to the park. Emma, Isaac, and Jeremiah were all so glad to have their little cousin, Anthony over for the day.

Ben and Clinton and Dad did a lot of finishing touches on our window trims (from when we installed them a few years ago!), Dean and Dawson did a bunch of work in the attic, finishing off an installation of a bathroom fan, and Jen, Kristine, and I started out with painting the kitchen (we ended up inviting some help from Dad after a while, and he finished it off, making it look fantastic!).

Our kitchen will probably need to be renovated in about 3 steps.  This was step #1: painting the walls & taking down a few shelves.  Before photos:

The shelves come off...

And the painting begins! (after much patching and sanding of course)

Looking good Dad!

A few shots of the finished product (please forgive my photography)
We bought a few fun things from Ikea (2 light fixtures, spice shelves, and kitchen cart)

I am loving it! Thanks to the family for all your hard work and time!  

Love Jenni

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