Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Baby's 1st Birthday

Last week, my little one, Jeremiah Elliott turned one year old. It really is amazing how fast this year has flown.  He was born very quickly, on a stormy day, and we made it to the hospital just in time.

There are times I still can't really believe that I have 3 children, and now I no longer have an infant. 

Jeremiah is our determined and passionate little guy, and is showing signs of being a little different than his more compliant sister and brother.  He is wonderful and so much fun, and has a great smile and laugh.  He still seems like my baby though. Strange how the first child seems so grown up at the age of one, and the third one still seems so... "baby" still!

This year I am praying into Jeremiah's life from Matthew 5, specifically verses 1-16.  Lord, may Jeremiah find his need for you and his blessings from you as he grows; may he be salt and light in this world, bringing you everywhere he goes; let his light shine before others so that you Jesus, may be glorified.  I pray that he will know and experience Jesus in his life at an early age and throughout all the days of his life, that he will have a godly and prayerful wife who will submit to the leadership of the Lord and her husband, and mostly, that God's will will be done in his life.

I love you little Jer-Bear! You are a blessing and a gift to the Kroeker family.  I am excited to watch you grow, and to see all the plans God has for you!

Love Mom xo

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