Monday, July 15, 2013

Shorten the Distance... Between Posts, Jenni!

Oh my, oh my. I do not have any excuse for the terrible neglect I've thrust upon this poor blog.  Dear Mommy, forgive me!  But you understand, and you will forgive me, because we did the unthinkable and actually DID shorten the distance - we visited you in Romania! So, for those who need some updates on all that, here goes!


January kept me busy crocheting slippers! First I thought it would be cute to make some for Emma and Isaac (I loved how they turned out!). Then we needed a few birthday gifts for Emma's friends, and with money tight from Christmas, I decided to make a few more pairs.  After posting them on Facebook, my Auntie from 2 provinces away hinted that she would love some... so I made her some as well and shipped them off (and she so lovingly made us some yummy "puppy chow" as a thank-you)!


Dawson and I were given the game Bananagrams for Christmas so we played it one date night. I thought it was pretty great that I got "lactate" out of mine... seeing as that is basically all I was doing those days ;). 

Isaac dressed up for church and was looking his usual cute self...


 Visiting my lovely great-aunt, Tante Anna, in the hospital.

Isaac's first dentist visit - all looks great!

Emma's second dentist visit - found some cavities (already!)... 
even with such great brushing. 
Can "bad" or "good" teeth be hereditary?

Very unexpectedly, Dawson's work place let go a large portion of the company. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of this company and were sad to leave.  However, God had a much bigger and better plan for our family, and this was just the beginning...

Dawson's last day at the office 

 Jeremiah being his chubby, cute self. 
Don't you just want to squeeze those legs?!


Emma and Isaac going to bed with zinc oxide on their 
chapped upper lips from all the nose blowing and wiping.

Getting packed for our family trip to Romania! 

I will do a separate blog post on our trip. The 5 of us traveled with my sister to Romania for 5 weeks in March and April.  More to come about all that!

Dawson had his 30th birthday while we took a little side trip to Rome. On his birthday we visited the Colosseum!


Still in Romania, having a blast! On our way home, Mom was able to get on the same flight as us so we could all travel home together. That was a very cool answer to prayer the way God orchestrated that all.

I had my 30th birthday in Romania - I had a wonderful day just relaxing after having a busy week. I love being 30. I never thought I'd really like being done my 20's, but now that I'm here, I feel great and am very expectant for all that God has in store for my future.

Before going on our trip, and after much searching and praying, Dawson was hired at a fantastic company willing to let him begin work one week after coming home from our trip. What a blessing!


May was a very busy month! I was finally able to make it out to a March for Life event this year. One year I will make it out to the one in Ottawa.

 Isaac had his 3rd birthday and party with some great friends. It was so cute to see all the little ones bowling :). 

 Emma had her dance recital with Masterworks - she did great! 

Dad surprised us with a visit from Romania! No one knew he was coming, not even Mom, and we were SO happy to have him here as well.


We'll finish off this post with June. The kids have had some fun "family" days with Dad and Mom at the Forks, playing outside, and watching Jeremiah learn how to crawl up the stairs - his new favourite activity!

Phew! That was long! Thanks for taking the time to take a look! And hopefully I get up a post about our trip real soon.

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