Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Coming of December!

As usual, we decorated for Christmas on December 1st ... actually, I decorated the house the night before, and we set up the tree on the first.  I absolutely love this day, making the home all festive with lights and garland and stockings and handmade goods.

We got our tree from Home Depot for $20 and it's the best tree we've ever had. I love how it looks, all plump, and just the right height.

 It was Isaac's turn to put the angel at the top of the tree this year...

We carried out the Neufeld family tradition with our "peanut party" with peanuts, oranges, and the famous candy tray.  I also made a hot punch which turned out so yummy.

It was definitely a fun family night.
On the first Sunday of each month we get together with the Kroeker family. This time was our first family day with our little nephew Anthony! Here he is with the cousins, at 2 weeks old...

Jeremiah was looking for something a little more fun and exciting these days, so we decided to try the Jolly Jumper. He really likes it.

Trying cereal yesterday for the first time was not as exciting however ...
 We'll work on that one :).
Certain times of year I find that I miss you, Mom and Dad, more... and December is one of those times. I have so many fond memories of Christmas with you, and I get a little teary-eyed thinking of them.  I hope you are able to make some lovely memories this Christmas in Romania.  You will be in our thoughts a lot. I love you,