Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Last Look at November

Well, November is almost behind us, and Christmas is coming swiftly! I'm waiting until December 1st to decorate and really get in the Christmas mood, so let's take a look at our busy November!

It began with Jeremiah's baby dedication. We went out for breakfast that morning as a family, went to church for the service and prayer time, and then to Mom and Dad Kroeker's for a celebration. We cherish our little gift of Jeremiah, and dedicate him back to Lord.  He will go forth, with determination, bringing the Word of the Lord with him.

 (good timing with the spit up there, Jer!)
 (giving lots of smiles when Mr. Grande was praying!)
 (the prayer time)
This month, Jeremiah has really been doing a lot of chewing and drooling, on everything! No sign of any teeth yet, but I'm sure he's working on it.

 At Emma's dance class at Masterworks she had Parent Observation day, so we all sat in and watched our little dancer in action. She absolutely loves this class.

On Friday, November 16th our first nephew on the Kroeker side was born! Clinton and Jen had their son Anthony Isaiah Kroeker, and he is a little cutie! We went to see him at the hospital that evening...

Dawson went out with the children to buy some new shovels so they could help Daddy. They actually do a really good job out there! They love playing in the snow.

 (Jeremiah likes hanging out with Mommy inside)

Last weekend Grandpa and Grandma Kroeker offered to take Emma and Isaac for 2 nights so we could try to catch up on some sleep after a couple of difficult weeks with everyone's head-colds.  We took the opportunity to have breakfast at our favourite restaurant, Cora's.  YUM!

Last but not least, IKEA opened up yesterday in Winnipeg! Yippee!  Normally Dawson gives me the evening out by myself on Tuesdays, but that didn't work out this week, so I took Wednesday instead and headed out to check the new store.  It was busy, but I loved it since I didn't have to look out for any children. I just browsed, but we'll be back soon!

Oh, I can't forget, Jeremiah turns 4 months old today! I'm loving his giggles, smiles, and getting a little more into a routine with him.

We are all missing you a lot, Grandma and Grandpa, and hope you are doing well. Much love to you all,


  1. Great blog post! Glad you made it to IKEA, maybe we can go together sometime.

    1. Thanks Coralee! Definitely look forward to a date there with you!!

  2. 1st your hair is getting so long! It looks good long too. 2nd I think Tony has that effect on the little boys. Owen has always been drawn to him. As I type this I wonder if Jeremiah might be grow up to be a fighter for righteousness. When they're little it often shows up as "It's not fair that... or You can't say that Mommy...". Just something I thought of. I could be way off and just thinking of how Owen is. A great thing to pray for our children either way.

    1. Thanks Donna! Yup, definitely a fighter, that's for sure. There were a lot of words for him along those lines too.